Alarm Systems


We offer  affordable, technologically advanced security systems to businesses of all shapes and sizes – from Home & SME’s to large commercial & industrial organisations.


Our systems are able to combine motion detection, entry point detection, video surveillance and remote access to suit your business needs.

A technician will assess the layout of your premises / assets and recommend the components needed to maximise on-site safety and security. Our Security Alarms can be supported by our Alarm Monitoring Team 24/7.

Let one of our qualified staff take the guess work out of securing your household and loved ones. Our staff are specialists, and trained to make recommendations to suit all household needs. We can set up your alarm so that you can easily arm the entire system or partially arm rooms that you would like armed at night, whilst leaving other rooms off. You can add panic buttons, movement detectors and door and window sensors or even smoke detectors. They can call a mobile phone or be monitored back to base. There are many options and we are more than happy to assist. We get a lot of calls from customers daily wishing they had installed an alarm right after they have been robbed! Don’t be another statistic. 

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