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Nhlalenhle Security provides good security services in and around Hammarsdale. It has a 24 hour control room, Armed Response, VIP Protection and Alarm Systems.


Nhlalenhle Security Services was formed in 2001 and was officially registered with the Registrar of Companies as a Closed Corporation in 2011. Burglary, theft, robbery and cash in transit heists were the prevailing challenges, which forced the formation of Nhlalenhle Security to protect the businesses and properties of the local population at large.

The company began its operation by volunteering its services to the community of the Outer West Region, which resulted in instant curb of petty crime, hence improving the SAP services.

The company is based on a simple business belief of providing a highly personalized, superior quality service which exceeds our customer’s requirements. NHLALENHLE SECURITY SERVICES believes in using a tried and tested system of planning, thus providing a quality service, delivery and absolute reliability.

To be the leading Security Company in KZN ensuring the safety of the society and businesses within the legal framework of the Law.

Security in RSA is inadequate both at National and International Levels. Nhlalenhle Security Services will add value to this sector with competitive pricing and uncompromising services with on time delivery. It is the aim and intention of Nhlalenhle Security Services to provide quality services to its clients with sincerity, honest and integrity.


  • Commitment to excellent Service
  • Pride in the Provision of Quality Protection
  • Establish Lasting Link with Our Market and Stake holders
  • Skills Development as part of Company Growth and Development
  • Honest and Transparent Operation (sticking to Rules , Regulations and Standards)
  • Friendly and warm Service (putting the customer first)

Company Objectives

  • Attract a vast number of companies by embarking on a marketing campaign that would highlight the services and superior quality of services offered.
  • Identify special needs and challenges facing emerging companies in order to maximize skills and resources within the company to bring about solutions.
  • Establish relationships with rural and semi rural communities in order to initiate the process of planning skills and physical resources for community development projects.
  • Play a significant role in urban renewals project, by providing services and support in projects within the townships.
  • Become a useful supplier of services ,resources and support services.
  • Become an important player within the social responsibility by providing quality company materials, tools and related services to the community.
  • Establish links within all state –run development and projects.

Private Security Industry Regulation Authority (SIRA)
Business Support Centre
Association of BEE Verification Agencies (SANAS)

Nhlalenhle Security Service supplies guarding and guard related services in residential and commercial sectors, both permanent and casual. We have trained officers working for Nhlalenhle Security Services and supply services to numerous and varied group of clients.

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